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shijiazhuang yihe-chem co.,ltd

shijiazhuang yihe-chem co.,ltd


shijiazhuang yihe-chem co.,ltd
About Us
Establised in 2007 Shijiazhuang Yihe chem Co Ltd is engaged in Pesticides Pharmaceutical Intermediates for agriculture products With experienced technical team and service team we have been serving customers in chemical industry and agriculture industry in more than thirty countries and regions Our mission is providing high quality products to our customers Our comprehensive product portfolio and striving for excellent service enable us to develop long term relationship with our customers all over the world When you choose Yihe chem you may rest assured you are choosing the best value provider in the

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Insecticides And Fungicides

Plant Extract

Plasticizer And Coating

Plant Growth Regulator

Gallnut Oriented Products

Food Additives

Flavour And Fragrance

Fine Chemicals And Intermediates



Pharmaceutical Product

Veterinary Medicine

Plant Essential Oils

Performance Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

Grain Selection Machinery


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fungicidecolumn chromatography for plant extracts pdfBentazone Herbal Medicine Chemical PesticideDodecanedioic Acid/ DDDA/ DC12P/ DC12S/ DC12DClomazone 93%TC Agriculture Chemical ProductsPesticide Liquid Chlorothalonil 500sc PopluarPost Emergent Broadleaf Thifensulfuron MethylPharmaceutical Intermediates N-EthylglucamineEthylglucamine N-Ethyl-D-glucamine 14216-22-9Plasticizer DEDB Diethylene Glycol DibenzoateThiophanate-methyl 98% TC with CAS 23564-05-8Raw Material/vitamin B2/riboflavin Vitamin B2Methyl 3 4 5-trimethoxybenzoate CAS 1916-07-0pyrogallic acid and sodium hydroxide reactionCoenzyme Q10 In Cosmetics/Coenzyme Q10 PowderHydroquinone 99% CAS 123-31-9 with ReasonableHot Selling Ethametsulfuron with Lowest PriceCoriander Seeds Safflower Pea Coating MachineSiliconein Fungicide to Control Plant DiseaseCAS NO 144550-36-7 Iodosulfuron-methyl SodiumGMP Source Medicine Grade Cefixime TrihydrateConveyor Belt Telescopic Mobile Belt ConveyorBest Prices Herbicide Oxyfluorfen 20%EC 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Antibiotic Ampicillin Sodium SterileOdourless White Crystaline Powder FlazasulfuronCAS 34759-34-7 99% Dicyclopentanyl MethacrylateArabinofuranosylcytosine Hydrochloride 141-94-4High Quality 3-5-diiodo-L-thyronine CrystallinePharmaceuticals Arabinofuranosylcytosine PowderAgrochemicals Pesticides 75% WG TrifloxystrobinAgrochemical Herbicide 95% Glyphosate for Weedsenumerate the features of grey grain separatorsChemical Stocks Methyl 3 4 5-TrimethoxybenzoatePharmaceutical Intermediates CAS No 140681-55-6Anti-infective Drug Penicillin V Potassium SaltOrganic Intermediate Copper 8- HydroxyquinolineAgrochemical Herbicide Mesotrione 15% SC LiquidExcellent Quality Low Price N-Octyl-D-glucamineInsecticide Synergist Additives Cyhalofop-butylLight Yellow Liquid 3 4-Dimethoxybenzyl Alcoholexamples of plasticizers used in tablet coatingN-Octyl-D-glucamineFast Delivery Stock On SalesBest Price of Pyrogallol/Pyrogallic CAS 87-66-1High Quality Cyproconazole with Resonable PriceSulfonylurea Herbicide 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Intermediates 4-HydroxypiperidinePenicillin G Sodium Salt with Crystalline PowderProducts Dihydro-11-oxodibenzo B F 14 ThiazepineAzoxystrobin 98%TC Protective Curative PesticideSodium Dehydroacetate / DHA-sodium CAS 4418-26-2Pharmaceutical Intermediates Alogliptin BenzoateHigh Quality API Benzylpenicillin Sodium SterileHot Sale Perfumes and Fragrances DihydromyrcenolSelective Broadleaf Weeds Herbicides IsoxaflutolePlant Extraction Wintergreen/best Wintergreen Oil3- Aminobenzylmethylamine Dyestuffs IntermediatesAgricultural Silicone Surfactant Adjuvant LinuronPharmaceutical N N-Bis Trifluoromethylsulfonyl anpesticides herbicides insecticides and fungicidesNatural Organic Slimming Dietary Raspberry KetoneHerbicide/weedicide Clethodim 24%EC AgrochemicalsInsect Killer Alpha Cypermethrine for AgricultureCorn Land Herbicide 4%SC Nicosulfuron 111991-09-4Pharmaceutical Intermediates 4 MethoxybenzylamineSaccharum Extract/octacosanol/ Policosanol 60% 90%phenoxymethylpenicillin potassium 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