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shijiazhuang yihe-chem co.,ltd

shijiazhuang yihe-chem co.,ltd


shijiazhuang yihe-chem co.,ltd
About Us
Establised in 2007 Shijiazhuang Yihe chem Co Ltd is engaged in Pesticides Pharmaceutical Intermediates for agriculture products With experienced technical team and service team we have been serving customers in chemical industry and agriculture industry in more than thirty countries and regions Our mission is providing high quality products to our customers Our comprehensive product portfolio and striving for excellent service enable us to develop long term relationship with our customers all over the world When you choose Yihe chem you may rest assured you are choosing the best value provider in the

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Insecticides And Fungicides

Plant Extract

Plasticizer And Coating

Plant Growth Regulator

Gallnut Oriented Products

Food Additives

Flavour And Fragrance

Fine Chemicals And Intermediates



Pharmaceutical Product

Veterinary Medicine

Plant Essential Oils

Performance Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

Grain Selection Machinery


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Weeds Herbicides IsoxaflutoleInsect Killer Alpha Cypermethrine for AgriculturePlant Extraction Wintergreen/best Wintergreen OilHerbicide/weedicide Clethodim 24%EC AgrochemicalsNatural Organic Slimming Dietary Raspberry KetoneCorn Land Herbicide 4%SC Nicosulfuron 111991-09-4CAS 111-92-2 Hot Sale Di-n-butylamine Dibutylaminecompatibility chart of insecticides and fungicidesHigh Quality 99% Thiameturon/thifensulfuron Methylphenoxymethylpenicillin potassium molecular weightSaccharum Extract/octacosanol/ Policosanol 60% 90%Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl 95%TC HPPD Inhibitors Herbicidedifference between plasticizer and superplasticizerpesticides and herbicides effect on the environmentharmful effects of food additives and preservativesQuizalofop-p-ethyl 98%tc 50g/L-200g/L EC Weed Killerconcrete mixture machine manufacturers in coimbatoreeffect of gibberellic acid on plant growth experimentfda acceptable daily intake for artificial sweetenerssix-membered heterocycles with two or more heteroatomswhat is the difference between bulk and fine chemicalsplant growth regulators in agriculture and horticulturewhat is phenoxymethylpenicillin potassium used to treatlist of largest selling pharmaceutical products in indiaphysical and chemical properties of artificial sweetenerswhat is the difference between pesticides and insecticidesdifference between fine chemicals and speciality chemicalssemi automatic concrete block making machine price in indiacompatibility chart of insecticides and fungicides in indiaplasticizer used in coating solution is polyethylene glycolphenoxymethylpenicillin potassium tablets 250mg side effectswhat chemical processes are used to make artificial sweetenerdifferentiate between insecticides rodenticides and fungicidesdifference between insecticide pesticide fungicide and rodenticidewhy is research and innovation in bulk and fine chemicals so differentwhy is research and innovation in bulk and fine chemicals so different?differentiate between insecticides rodenticides and fungicides which of these are pesticidesdifferentiate between insecticides, rodenticides and fungicides which of these are pesticides
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